ML-020S-O Lux Sensor

  • CIE Photopic Response
  • Glass dome plus diffusor optics
  • Low temperature dependency
  • Outdoor measurements
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The MS-020S-O illuminance sensor is an all-weather sensor with a customized detector sensitivity for outdoor high light level applications. The built-in interference filter in conjunction with the detectors spectral response reproduces the CIE photopic curve and gives a calibrated output in lux (lx). Both sensors can be found in many professional applications to control or monitor industrial processes.

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  Specifications ML-020S-O
Irradiance range 0 - 150000 Lx
Output 0 - 30000 μV
  Impedance 280 Ω
  Operating temperature range -10 - 50 °C
Temperature response -10°C to 50°C 0.4 %
  Cable length 5 m



Applications and uses

Light pollution is a delicate issue in highly populated areas. Such as in large cities and industrial areas. Light pollution can have a significant impact on life, the life of …

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