DS-1 Particle size distribution analyzer

  • Acoustic attenuation spectroscopy (AcAS) •
  • Non-invasive and non-destructive
  • Ab-initio method - no calibration
  • High resolution measurements
  • Flow-through and batch modes
  • Stirring function prevent unstable samples sedimentation
  • Field ESA, Rhometer and Titrator can be integrated
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DS-1 is a powerful, reliable and easy to use particle size distribution analyzer which delivers reliable and reproducible results in concentrated, turbid, colored or viscous dispersions. Invasive sample preparation procedures are not necessary. DS-1 features non-invasive and non-destructive acoustic technology which is based on the viscous effect observed in dispersions. The resolution depends on the density difference between particles and solvent and on the volume concentration of the particles. The contributions of dust and other impurities can be neglected in most of the cases. Thus, field samples can be measured with ease.


  • Optimal technology for dispersion analysis in a compact and robust unit
  • User-friendly input and output interfaces ensure reproducible results and continuity
  • High resolution measurements in concentrated, colored …
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  Specifications DS-1
  Particle size range 10 - 5000 nm
  Ultrasonic attenuation 0.1 - 100 dB/cm
  Frequency range 1 - 100 MHz
  Volume 0.5 ml
  Density difference 0.1 g/cm3
  Particle concentration 0.5 - 50 % v/v
  Solvent lower limit Aqueous and non-aqueous solvents
  Time per single parameters 2 min