ST-1 Stability tester

  • Measurement of the suspensions and emulsions without thinning
  • Non-contact measurements
  • Quick evaluation in actual condition
  • No accelaration test using heating or centrifugal force
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The ST-1 is a compact measuring instrument for stability and ageing analysis. Quick stability evaluation of high viscosity solvents. Non-contact measurement of particle and droplet migration and suitable to evaluate creaming, sedimentation, agglomeration and coalesence. The ST-1 can evaluate the stability at real storing conditions as in the warehouse or refrigerator. Up to 6 scan towers can be added for efficient control of solvents at independent temperature in the range from 4 to 80 °C.

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  Specifications ST-1
  Measurable particle size 0.1 - 1000 µm
  Maximum particle density 60% v/v / 90% for emulsion
  Measurement method Optical analysis (Transmission & Backscattering)
  Measurement sample amount 24 ml
  Temperature control range 4 - 80 ºC
  Scan interval resolution 5 µm
  Dimensions mm 502 x 390 x 280
  Power supply 100 - 240 VAC / 50-60Hz / 300 VA