HC-121 VIP Checker

  • Quick response VIP tester
  • Up to 5 sensor heads
  • Multi calibration file selectiion
  • Easiest solution to qualify VIP
  • Optional Bar code reader
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HC-121 is used to check the performance (Good / non good) of vacuum insulator panels (VIP). It measures the thermal conductivity by means of heat loss. This measurement methods takes a very short time compared to traditional methods and has a big advantage since the materials can be evaluated only form the top side. The HC-121 has a combined heat source and detector called sensing head which proportionally measures the heat loss through the detector and insulating material. In most common solutions a test sequence that takes more than 1 hour to measure the thermal conductivity of 1 sample, the HC-121 need only 1 minute which will shorten the production time of VIP drastically.

Vacuum Insulation Panel (VIP) Checker HC-121 …

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  Specifications HC-121
TC Measurement range 0.001 - 0.015 W/m•K
Measurement accuracy +/- 5 %
  Test Material Size 150 - 760 mm
  Test Material Thickness 5 - 50 mm
Input channels max, 1 probe standard 5
  Measurement time 60 s
  Operating temperature range 0 - 40 °C
  Measurement unit communication RS-232 / USB optional
  Dimensions mm 320 (L) x 120 (W) x 220 (H)
Weight 3 kg
  Power supply (Power Adapter) 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz