M-Box Signal converter

  • Universal MODBUS 485 RTU Converter
  • Solar Sensors (mV) / PT-100, NTC 10kΩ
  • Up to 100 units in parallel
  • Correction for sensor temperature dependency and non-linearity
  • IP65 All weather enclosure
  • Optional USB contoller and EKO sense control software
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PV system performance rating and testing methods require solar irradiance as an input parameter. For PV monitoring applications Solar Irradiance and PV module temperature are commonly measured. EKO universal 4-20mA and Modbus RS-485 RTU converters give

full fexibility to combine different type of sensors within a multi sensor network. Solar radiation sensors and temperature sensors can be easily integrated. Preserve or improve the sensor accuracy while complying to the output standards used in the industry. 

The M-Box converts the output voltage of a solar radiation sensor, PT-100 or 10kΩ NTC temperature sensor into a MODBUS 485 RTU output. The M-Box can be used with all passive EKO sensors (Irradiance and temperature) or any other sensor with mV output whenever MODBUS …

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System configuration


  Specifications M-Box
  Output Digital (Modbs RTU)
  Dimensions mm 80 (L) x 75 (W) x 57 (H)
Weight 0.35 kg
  Ingress protection IP 65

MC-20 Signal converter